It was in autumn 2015 that I met Isabella STABio (…).. I was thus able to fully admire Isabella STABIO’s way of playing, her great musicality, the sound of her instrument and her playing while finesse. During a break, I took the opportunity to congratulate her on her interpretation of different pieces. This is how I learned, among other things, that she also had a very good knowledge of contemporary music and that she wanted to expand her repertoire even further. I was, of course, very happy to hear that. As I live in Vevey in Switzerland, she was kind enough to send me 3 CDs on which she recorded works from different periods. Her interpretations are truly remarkable, faithfully translated and of great musicality. We feel very comfortable in the different works of the musical repertoire. To thank her for her kindness, I gave her the only work I wrote for saxophone, namely 4 pieces for saxophone and synthesizer. (Score, of course) Isabella played them and recorded them on CD, and sent them to me.She is a true professional both in her musical knowledge and in her various interpretations. I am in the process of writing 3 short pieces for different saxophones which I will give to her with the dedication. Isabella STABIO is a great musician, very gifted and easily adapting to all musical possibilities. I wish her a happy future and a lot of satisfaction in all that she will undertake in the musical field.

Raymond Vauterin, Belgian composer