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I met Isabella, who is very successful and appreciated also abroad, in 2013 attending a concert where I was struck by the expressiveness of the versatile sound that they managed to extract from her instrument and later, complimenting her, I was also pleased to see her affability and sympathy.

Raffaele Montanaro – pianist, composer – from his book “La musica a modo mio”, ed. Liber Faber, Turin 2022

Isabella Stabio is a wonderful, sensitive and expressive musician

Gilad Hochman compositore 2011

Une excellente saxophoniste et une musicienne talentueuse

Jean-Denis Michat concertista, docente di Sassofono presso il Conservatoire National de Région di Lione

“… Ms. Stabio skill with the soprano saxophone is wonderful

dall’articolo di David McPeak su ‘Pipeorg’ and ‘Pipechat’

Isabella, congratulations and many thanks for sharing such a wonderful performance of one of my compositions in the Music of Self-Isolation project!

Frank Horvat, compositore

Very nice version of my Jungle piece! Thank you for defending my music with so much talent!Your interpretation og “Jungle” is beautiful!!

Christian Lauba, composer

Thank you for honoring my “Nocturne et Sicilienne” with this interpretation: romantic, elegant and refined, congratulations.

Armando Ghidoni, composer and saxophone teacher at the “F.A. Bonporti” Conservatory in Trento

Heartfelt thanks for the intense interpretation.

Vincenzo Napoli, composer

Isabella Stabio is a very talented saxophonist who breaks through the stages with impressive speed

from the article by Leonardo Osella, ‘La Stampa’ – Torino Sette ’21

When, with our orchestra, Isabella Stabio interpreted, in April 2014, the concert by Alexander Glazunov op. 109, the theater has become particularly attentive and amazed at her skill.

Carlo Maria Amadesi, conductor, piano teacher at the “G. Verdi” Conservatory in Turin